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Since 1987 our family has been installing ''Leak Proof'' Roofs Most of our roofs are completed in just one day. We are skilled, clean, (our job site cleanup is meticulous) and thorough. We are a family owned business that enjoys what they do and it shows! We are ROOFING SPECIALISTS. If it is time for a Roof replacement of course you will need a company that is not only knowledgeable....but one you can trust. You can feel confident that the job will get done correctly with Gold Star remodeling 

Gutter cleaning and powerwash maintenance

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Rain Gutter Cleaning Service

Our prompt and professional gutter cleaning service is guaranteed to your satisfaction. We hand clean the inside of your gutters and flush the gutters and downspouts, using our own hoses and equipment.No mess guarantee, promising that your home is left as neat as it was found.

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If you are looking for a one-time cleaning or continued annual maintenance  GoldStar  is right for the job. Once you sign-up for our Maintenance Agreement we put you in our database, and come out when it’s time to clean! 

Thousands are injured across the United States falling off of a ladder every single year


Thousands are injured across the United States falling off of a ladder every single year and one of the biggest reasons you're probably going onto a ladder is to clean out the gutter. It's the time of the year to do that, call us .

Be Safe! 6 Tips on cleaning gutters yourself

Be safe !

Here are 6 tips.

Tip number 1: Even if the leaves haven't completely fallen, clean gutters now. If not, this could be the expensive result if you forget once it snows.

Number 2: Always wear protective gloves when cleaning the gutters. Sharp debris and sticks are impossible to see under the leaves.

Number 3: is ladder safety. Always put your ladder on a flat surface, and make sure someone is around to spot you.

Number 4: Watch out for power lines near your gutters !

Number 5: Get gutter guards. This will eliminate the need to have to clean your gutters regularly

Number 6: The final tip is that if you're not comfortable climbing onto a ladder or cleaning out the gutters yourself, the best advice is to just call and hire a professional!

Gutter Cleaning Tips to Avoid Major Repairs

Gutter Cleaning Tips to Avoid Major Repairs



If you think a few leaves and twigs in your gutters are harmless, think again. Regular gutter cleaning is the single most important key to avoiding major and expensive home repairs.

Gutters perform one duty: controlling the water around your home. If debris keeps gutters from doing their job, you can wind up with some serious problems. 

Why do i have to clean my gutters?


Gutters Protect Your Home: When your gutters are clean, they direct the flow of rainwater away from your house to protect not only the foundation of your home, but also the roof, walls, and landscaping. If your gutters and downspout become clogged, the rain is unable to flow down and will back up onto your roof. This can lead to a leaky roof or cause water damage to the interior or exterior of your home, which can end up costing a lot more than hiring a gutter cleaning service.

YES! We do Power washing


Pressure washing is one of the best ways of refreshing a property's appearance. Whether it is the exterior walls, shed, patio, driveway or a similar surface, when grime and dirt are around your home or built up, the aesthetic value of your home diminishes.